To be an educator is to be able to influence a child’s learning in the nascent years of their life – an immense responsibility and a task ridden with challenges. It is so because everything that is learnt and experienced at school will come to define almost everything about the life they will lead.

We, at TJS Public School, strive to make this institution a better place for the overall development of a child, taking steps in that direction every day. To achieve this commitment, TJS Public School deploys a range of efforts. Our School has a comfortable faculty: student ratio which is maintained at 1:20, ensuring that every student has the opportunity of a one-on-one relationship with their tutors. The campus is designed to accommodate the state-of-the-art facility aimed solely to unlock the highest potential of the children, both inside and outside the classroom.

TJS Public School is poised to become a powerhouse of knowledge, culture and excellence. This School is uniquely placed in the system of education to be the best that there is and it is our collective responsibility as students, parents, faculty and administration to realise this potential.

Committed to a promise that TJS Public School shall keep pace with their academic, sports and extracurricular activities and at the same time utilise a range of new opportunities, we ensure to develop in every child a strength of character so they leave TJS Public School as confident and capable individuals.

As Martin Luther King Jr put it, “Intelligence plus Character, that is the goal of true education.”

Mr. Ashok J