One of the criticisms faced by the board is that the examination pattern is based on rote learning and not on any actual understanding of the subject.
To change this, the exam pattern from 2020 will test students on their analytical abilities, considerably reducing the scope of rote learning.

Competency Based Education (CBE) is an outcome based approach to schooling, where attainment of goals takes priority. Learning Outcomes (LOs) are defined in terms of competencies and capacities, which students acquire and demonstrate at the end of instructional programme. In CBE, explicitly defined learning outcomes guide instruction; instruction is more flexible, learner centric, learner-led and provides multiple opportunities for learning; and assessment is authentic and examines if the students are able to apply required concepts in real life situations.

Classes I to V

All the internal and the external assessments will be made in marks. However, the overall results will be given in grades. The final report card of students will reflect only the grades. The CBSE exam pattern for class 1 to 5 is same and the grades given are on 5 point scale. The grades will be based on a student’s performance in all the 6 examinations conducted during the academic year.

Classes VI to VII

All assessment with regard to the academic status of the students shall be done in marks and overall assessment will be given in grades in 7 point scale for middle school. The report cards will carry the grades only. The performance of the students in the Elementary classes will also be shown in GRADES (7 point scale). The grades will be given on the basis of performance of the students in all the 6 assessment. The new grading system is given below; the grade of the child can be computed in the achievement card based on the percentage of presence of behaviour indicator in the above category of percentiles. Besides certain remarks can be made in scholastic and co-scholastic areas as well as the achievement level of the child.

Grading Scale For Scholastic Areas

 32 & belowE-(Needs improvement )